Prime Electric Services Inc.

Commitment to Quality, Safety, Accountability

Prime Electrical Services, Inc. (PES) was established in January 2009 by Camell Williams (Master Electrician) in Lakeland , Florida, as a retail service provider. We relocated to Apopka, Florida in January 2010. Since then we have opened fully functioning satellites offices nationwide.

PES has grown to be one of Central Florida’s premier Electrical Contractors with services that now include design build services, commercial and residential energy audits, residential maintenance programs, LED and florescent lighting retrofit services, rebate programs and more.

Our product lines includes the latest technology in LED lighting, energy efficient ballast, dimmers and incandescent lighting and a host of other lighting products. PES was founded on the basic principle of providing our clients a quality service at an affordable rate and we continue to achieve this daily. We invite you to tour our web site and take advantage of the products and services that are available for your electrical needs.


Company Overview

Prime Electric Services Inc.

Prime Electrical Services, Inc. (PES) maintains several exterior lighting monthly maintenance projects in Jacksonville, FL, Altamonte Springs, FL, and the DC area.  Additionally, PES provides maintenance for the Florida Dept of Transportation, the Florida Turnpike Authority, Orange County Public Schools and the City of Orlando. 

Prime Electrical Services, Inc. (PES) provides engineering and consultation for you total Design build project. Our team of qualified engineers/electricians and will work with you to accommodate your electrical needs from concept to completion. Our design team is committed to providing you the client a quality energy efficient project. PES utilizes all resources to assure your project is up to date with the most current technology available. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you with your electrical needs.

Prime Electrical Services, Inc. (PES) is committed to providing a quality project within schedule and under budget. Our project management team has more than 50 years electrical experience and is more than capable to handle your projects. Our team of professionals will develop and maintain a schedule that fits your needs, track all cost, monitor the installation and provide scheduled updates to ensure the project is in line and on time. PES uses the latest technology to keep our clients informed on the development of their service request, as well as, daily progress reports to track intermittent progress on new construction projects. All reports and client communication are updated twice daily and available for view through our interactive website and client portal.

In today’s society we must all make every effort to lighten our carbon footprint for future generations. Prime Electrical Services, Inc. (PES) is committed to protecting our environment and preserving our natural resources. We are actively involved with many organizations to further this philosophy. From our corporate offices, to the final light bulb installed in our field projects, we have considered all possible energy saving methods available. Our Staff includes a LEED Certified technician to maintain the integrity we continuously strive for. In like manner, PES endeavors are, but not limited to:

  • Properly disposing of all florescent and HID lamps.
  • Properly disposing of all ballast and transformers.
  • Recycling cardboard containers that products are shipped in.
  • Recycling all metals and obsolete fixtures.
  • Utilizing LED lamps and fixtures.

These are just a few of the items that we practice on a daily basis. Our design team is available to help you with your next energy saving contribution. At PES we are committed to Combining Electrical Construction with Environmental Reconstruction. “THINK GREEN”

PES promises to provide our clients an unparalleled experience by providing first-class engineering and equipment installation services. We are committed to utilizing all available technologies that enable us to deliver quality and cost saving alternatives. We further commit, to promote diversity and demand the same from every employee.


PES is dedicated to the protection of its employees from on-the-job injuries.  We as a team continuously strive for improvement, as well as, implement ideas and policies to avoid injuries to our employees, damage to property and/or the environment.  Every effort is made to prevent accidents.  We recognize accidents happen, however, through adequate training, appropriate safety measures and proper personal protection equipment (PPE), most can be avoided.  The PES standard is compliance with all local, state or federal safety and health regulations. All employees of PES have the responsibility to work safely on the job.  Our program is designed to enable all personnel to recognize the work hazards and to adhere to company and OSHA protocol to prevent personnel injury or damage to property.

Prime Electrical Services, Inc. now offers rebates through:



PES are currently committed to the following industrial projects:


I-4 Ultimate Project

Orange County Landfill

PES are currently committed to the following commercial projects:


Orlando International Airport – North and South Terminals

City of Orlando Parking Garage Lighting Upgrades

Chain of Lakes Middle School

Poinciana High School

Tavis Stock Development Orlando Office

Prime Electrical Services Inc, (PES) promises to provide our clients an unparalleled experience by providing first-class engineering and equipment installation services.

We are committed to utilizing all available technologies that enable us to deliver quality and cost saving alternatives. We further commit to promote diversity and demand the same from every employee.

PES will continuously promote continuing education, training and industry involvement, which enables our employees to grow professionally and maintain the skills necessary to provide our clients the very best electrical construction service available in the market today.

Our commitment to quality, safety, accountability and communication are fundamental values we challenge each team member to achieve daily, while maintaining our commitment to the environment and the community in which we live and work.


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